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Masses: an attack on me-it is a sign that Russia is still working nowiczokiem

The attempt of the poisoning shows me nowiczokiem that Russian President Vladimir Putin begins the new programme of chemical weapons, said Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in an Interview with the American TV company CBS. He assured that he is willing to work, and intends to zurckzukehren Russia.

Feel whether I fear? Whether to throw my work because they are trying to kill me? With my experience, with my personal experience, I know now that I don’t feel any fear. And I’m ready to continue the masses responded to the question of the journalist Leslie Stahl of CBS, there is a movement, which he heads, is it worth risking your life.

In wyemitowanym on Sunday in the program “60 minutes” the Opposition spoke at length about the attempt of assassination on her life, underlining the fact that the have tried to poison a martial art, a means from the group nowiczok. This is probably the most poisoning substance, the invented man – he noted. He added that against him a new house of this type, which proves to have used that Russia, the program is developing chemical weapons, despite official assurances that the refused this kind of weapons.

Navalny once again showed also confident that for the attempt, his poisoning is responsible, Putin, and their use in relation to him nowiczoka was not only his death, but also terror causing, among other things, opponents of the Kremlin.

CBS reminded that laboratories, confirmed by German, French and Swedish, the Russian activist and Blogger, was poisoned just nowiczokiem. The oppositionist has declared that the leaders of Germany and France, Emmanuel Macro-and Angela Merkel condemned seen the attack on the Person and of the European Union for the application in connection with these sanctions against Russia. On the attention, not steel, that this post-said the US President Donald Trump, Bulk took, that all, and perhaps especially, the President of the United States, you should explicitly object to the use of chemical weapons in the XXI century.

Speaking of the proliferation activist by many scandals, the journalist asked Navalny, why for the organization of the attempt on your life, do not blame someone from the Russian oligarchs, to the detriment of his activity. Blogger has again noted that the use of nowiczoka, substances, difficult to access and complicated to clearly points to a participation of the Kremlin.

Navalny also praised the attack on the Person shows an increase in Russia, a wave of discontent that Putin knows and arranges for him to such extreme measures.

To an Interview with CBS-the Russian oppositionist has assured that as soon as he is back in full serviceability to return to Moscow. He expressed the hope that this happens within a few months.

Sharp government criticised Putin, the 44-year-old Navalny was admitted to the hospital, 20 August in Omsk in Siberia. The Opposition felt sick on Board the aircraft, and he lost consciousness. At the request of the family on two days later, Charite brought him to the clinic in Berlin, where he has undergone Tests and treatment. The authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany reported on 2. September, that there is evidence that Navalny and poison the Mediterranean from the group nowiczok.

The representative of the Kremlin has repeatedly denied the allegations about the involvement of Russia in an attempt to the poisoning of the Opposition.

“Hello, this is the Bulk is”. The first comment after the attempt of the Opposition poisoning