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The candidate of the socialists, is likely to have won the presidential elections in Bolivia

The candidate of the socialists, former Minister of economy, Luis Arce, most likely, already won in the first round of the presidential election in Bolivia, will receive 52.4 percent. Voters, according to polls, exit poll, of the provided satellite Unitel.

This means, the victory of the “Dolphin” of the Ex-President EVO Morales and the return to power of his movement for socialism (MAS), notice the global Agency.

From a study conducted by the centre Ciesmori, which refers to a satellite-Unitel, it follows that Arce received 52.4 percent. Votes, and the candidate centrowego of the Revolutionary United front of the Left (French FRIES), Carlos Mesa 31.5 percent. To win, the candidate a minimum of 40 percent must. To defeat votes, and their opponents, the difference is at least 10 percent of sales. – writes Reuters. In Bolivia, the President is also head of the government.

In mid-September the battle for the chair of the President’s provisional government rejected the head of the right-wing politician, Janine Anez. The 53-year-old Anez, the last time there was Covid-19, and lost popularity when it turned out that, contrary to their previous zapowiedziom he intends to run for the office of the President, although it seemed at first as a Person, for the organization of free and fair elections.

Anez leads, temporarily, the office of the President, from the end of 2019, if, after the controversial presidential elections in the retirement and departure from the country of EVO Morales was forced. The first President of Bolivia, the indigenous population, the Indians, ruled the country for almost 14 years.

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