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The Hunger is back in Brazil. “This defeat of our Generation”

“The Hunger has returned to our country, warning of one of the world’s largest manufacturer of food products,” “Folha de S. Paulo”, Brazilian magazine about the higher, in this country, edition.

This defeat of our Generation, the previous best time. Hunger in full bloom, the in the XXI century in a country that is one of the ten largest economies in the world, it is also the defeat of our civilization it is emphasized in the São Paulo newspaper.

Finally, a recent report by the national Brazilian Institute for geography and statistics (cheap flights), “Folha” wrote: According to statistics, four out of ten Brazilian families live today in an uncertain power supply.

In the last five years, nearly three million, the number of people that can not afford “regular shopping of food rose”.

Economists from the Brazilian Institute of Economics, State University of Campinas remind, that already in the year 2014 in Brazil, map of hunger disappeared from the world. Six years later, and only partially because of crump’s economy, triggered by pandemic koronawirusa the Hunger began to threaten 10 million 300 thousand UAH. The Brazilian, of which 7.7 million lives in cities, and 2.6 million in rural areas.

The return of hunger according to the cited on Friday a report from the economists in the University of Campinas in Brazil, it the impact of the rapidly growing unemployment in times of the pandemic and the rising prices of the two articles form the basis for the nutrition of the poor strata of the Brazilian beans and rice. Rose, you are both on 30%. and 20 percent.

At the same time, the government of President Jair Bolsonaro, has your decision-making explains the phenomena of the situations in the economy due to a pandemic, declined immediate assistance for the poorest households, with 600 to 300 Reais a month.

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