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Tony Blair broke the rules of the quarantine?

Whether the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, the rules of the quarantine broke? He himself says that no, but the media on the Islands is not quite sure.

In the past month, Tony Blair flew in a private jet to Washington to participate in the ceremony of the signing of the agreement between Israel and Bahrajnem. The former British Prime Minister played an important role in a process that ultimately led to the conclusion of a peace Treaty between the two countries. Due to his merits, he received an invitation from the US Administration.

To know that will fly in Washington, Blair joined with the British government on his liberation from the obligation to transfer a two-week quarantine after returning. I have, however, rejected.

According to media reports, on the Islands, the Prime Minister-the Minister of the seen, but in the Restaurant, in London 10 days after the visit in the USA. This would mean that he broke the law.

Tony Blair declares that flew to Washington, as a Diplomat, and he must, from the quarantine released. The government of great Britain recognizes him currently with a private person. It is not known what the outcome odds of this opinion.

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