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Your goal in the French elections, hospitals, Olympic games were. 6 Russian officers accused of

Resort the US Department of justice accused zaoczenie six active and former officers of the Russian military secret service for participation in the hacking campaign in the address, in particular, during the French elections, topics in the United States and the Olympic games.

The U.S. Department of justice reported that the defendants played an “important role” in attacks on such targets, such as campaign headquarters, Emanuel Macro during the French presidential election in 2017, the organization for the prohibition of Chemical weapons aside, the organizers of the Olympic games in Tokyo, set to be held this year, the organizers of the opening ceremony of the Olympic winter games and паралимпиады in South Korea. The target of the attack DEC. were the American companies and the hospital, in addition, the hackers attempted to stop a British criminal case on the attempt of the assassination of former Russian agent Sergei Skripala and his daughter.

The attacks on the organizers of the Olympic games and other sporting activities were a Form of revenge of the Kremlin, the revenge for what, were stopped by the Russian athletes, after the Olympic games in Sochi for the use of Doping.

One of the six accused in the absence of officers of the GRU was involved in the Hacker attack on the investigation of special Prosecutor Robert Muellera, the researched the case of a military Intervention of Russia in the US elections in 2016.

The staging of the Russians brought charge in participation in the “criminal conspiracy” allows the office of the US Department of justice to initiate the procedure, the victim of the Hacker-live attacks in the United States – the Associated Press says.

No other country has its Cyber-capabilities in weapons is in order, Yes, dangerous, and irresponsible, such as Russia – Deputy U.S. attorney General John демерс said.

In September, the US Treasury said that sanctions imposed against the Ukrainian parlamentarzystę Andreas corncrake and three Russians in connection with the Petersburg Farm trolls IRA for attempts to interfere in the upcoming presidential elections in America.

Embrace its sanctions “is a clear warning for Moscow, and its representatives, such actions will not be tolerated”, said the head of the Department, Steven Mnuchin.

The hackers attacked the website of the Belarusian state television