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72 per cent. Poland supports the connection Fund, with praworządnością

77 per cent. The Europeans supported the communication of foundations, taking into account the principles of the rule of law, results from a study carried out by the European Parliament. In Poland, this is the opinion of 72 percent expressed. of the respondents.

In the study zleconym by PET performed, and at the beginning of October, almost eight out of ten respondents (77 percent). expressed their support for the conception, according to which the EU is to be transferred, the financial resources of the member States if the national government, the principles of the rule of law and democracy, implemented.

In 26 member States of the EU, this was the statement at least 7 out of 10 people participating in the survey. The low level of support for such solutions in the Czech Republic (59 percent).the highest in Cyprus and in Luxembourg (89 and 86 per cent.).

The results of the survey published on the day, where the next round of negotiations, goes beyond the question of the legality of the context of access to EU funds. For the Euro members, which is the result of discussions on this topic with the representatives of the member States of the German presidency, this is another argument in favour of this, to achieve sharper solutions.

I think that the concept of the rule of law is equally important for the member States, as well as for the Parliament, and the Europeans. But if that’s not enough, can sound the figures are more than convincing. If almost 80 percent. the citizens want to interrupt the spending of the money, the pay as a taxpayer, of the compliance of the governments of the legality the States should listen to this voice this is the negotiator said on Tuesday on the part of the PE-Petri Sarvamaa (European people’s party, EPL).

Adopted European capitals of compromise, presented by the German presidency of the Council is criticized PET as too weak. Eurodeputowanym not mechanism of contraction only for the case that the undermining of the rule of law has no influence on the granting of funds from the EU, as well as complication of the decision-making on possible sanctions should be.

From the same study shows that 54 percent. The Europeans is that the EU has had large financial resources in order to overcome the situation, the consequences of the pandemic koronawirusa. The same percentage of respondents said that public health should be a priority when it comes to spending. For 42 Percent. the recovery of the economy and new opportunities for the company are the most important. A smaller percentage of the respondents pointed to climate change and environmental protection, employment and social Affairs (respectively 37 and 35%).

At the EU level, climate change and environmental protection, the employment is replaced in the first three priorities in the area of cost, compared with the last survey, conducted in June 2020.

The vast majority of people is afraid of direct impact of the pandemic on their personal financial Situation, or this effect is seen, with 39 per cent. the participants claimed that the crisis in connection with Covid-19 already had an influence on their personal income, but still 27 percent. expected in the future. Only 27 Percent. Participants of the survey expect that the Situation triggered by the Covid-19 had no effect on their income. In 20 countries, the majority of the respondents claimed that the current crisis has already had an impact on your personal income.

Two-thirds of the study participants (66 percent). agree with the statement that the EU needs more powers to the management of such crises such as the pandemic koronawirusa. A Quarter (25 Per Cent). has the opposite opinion.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the European Parliament three special surveys of European public opinion ordered. The latest study was carried out over the Internet (by phone and Malta) to the occasion in the time of 25. September to 7. October 24 812 participants of the survey in all 27 member States.

“The money for the rule of law”. The first round of negotiations without a solution