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Belarus: opposition environment recognized extremist

Channel Nexta-were recognized in the telegram and its Logo on Friday by a court in Minsk because of the extremist materials, the information with signs of extremist activity, – have informed in the press service of the Belarusian Supreme court.

In accordance with the decision of the court of the Central district of the city of Minsk with 20. Information channel Messenger and Telegram – NEXTA-Live-Logo and NEXTA extremist materials were recognized, the information (Entries, calls, and publications, as the editors of the Channel and its participants) with signs of extremist activity – oznajmiło press office, the state Agency BiełTA.

The court, in the activity of the channel characteristics, “organization and public appeals to implementation of the unrest,” he added.

The Ministry of Information will be required channel Nexta power-Live and in the list of extremist MaterialsMeasures for restriction of access to informational resources, the similar title and the limitation of its spread.

The judgment is immediately noted.

The fact that he is before the court, the Department on fight against organized crime and corruption of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Belarus.

The oppositional channel Nexta-Live, you need to Puciły for change in Poland, Belarusian Blogger Sciapana. The channel has about two million subscribers.

Nexta-Live the details, in particular, the ongoing protests in Belarus. As stated on the channel, this decision relates to the other two channels: Feed Nexta (approx. 900 thousand subscribers) and Satire Luxta.