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Boris Johnson gave the father… beaver. Living in his estate

Beaver for my birthday is a gift of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s father Stanley, the recently 80 years old. A rather unusual, but not without sense.

In General, it is sufficient cigar, a good bottle of Whiskey or a box of trademarks, but not in the case of Boris Johnson. The beavers, gave the brothers and sisters of the father, Life in the river that flows through the estate of Stanley Johnson. It is located in the County of Devon, in the South East of England.

So it could happen the Prime Minister-the Minister from the first had to order a special permit of the Ministry for the environmentrecently with the help of a special Agency for permission to create a colony of rodents in the South of the island. Coastal location, you are life, you need to prepared in advance accordingly.

Popular in the continental Europe, the beaver died on the Islands in the XVI century. The first projects started on their return a few years ago in Scotland. According to experts, these animals are perfectly adapted to their environment and its activities, be naturally occurring Element, in order to prevent flooding.

As reported by the British media, Stanley Johnson, in honor of the birthday of the project are very satisfied.

Beavers on the coast in świnoujście. In the action of the rescuers entered