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During the sterilization of the bottles for the babies produce a huge amount of plastic

These data can provide food for thought. Scientists from the University in Dublin, studied plastic bottles in which the parents give the babies the milk. As it turned out, during this bottles to sterilize and heat them at high temperatures, a high concentration of micro-particles of plastic.

It is not known how this affects the organism of the child and whether it is harmful. The scientists therefore emphasize that he wants, while the parents interfere. However, as noted, during the sterilization of plastic bottles, and heating food at high temperatures, produces more than 1.5 million plastic micro-particles per day.

Scientists claim that it is necessary to carry out further investigations and the development of the specific recommendations in this regard. It is already known that the higher the temperature of the liquid in the bottle is, the more this process becomes more intense.

Parents, who are potentially affected by these regulations, the scientists propose, the use of glass containers for cooking.

The investigations of the Flora and Fauna of Marine confirmed that the presence of plastic micro-particles in water, has a negative impact on the ecosystem of the seas and oceans. Their impact on human health has not been sufficiently studied. Determine Irish scholars show, and one of the most impressive options, such as plastic micro-particles can chain into human food.