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Italy: this year, without the famous Christmas markets

Everything suggests that in Europe the famous and picturesque Christmas markets in the North of Italy, take place. Local authorities in Trento and the Upper Adydze realize that they are not able to organize kiermaszy under the current harsh rules of hygiene, safety and security in a much anticipated culmination of the period of infections.

An integral part of the fairs, the tasting of local delicacies, mulled wine, and crowds of tourists. They always accompany the concerts and other cultural events.

27. Edit Christmas market-the market in Trentoshould start 21. February is not likely to take place – this mayor ianeselli y Franco said.

Then said: In connection with the Situation of the epidemic and in the light of the new regulation of the government, we do not; believe that the measure will go now all to.

In the regulation, the prohibition of events and all the local festivals were carried out, among other things.

Italy injected the next set of restrictions. “The Situation is critical”

Italy injected the next set of restrictions.

In the opinion of the mayor, think about other festive events, could. But can not the speech be, on such exhibitions in the last few years. At the Moment, your organization seems impossible – have applied for.

This view prevails in the neighbouring Upper Adydze, where a year-eloquently-designed benches full of Christmas decorations and regional specialities, attracted thousands of tourists, but also from other countries.

There are also local authorities to develop an alternative program of events, in full respect of the rules of combat of the epidemic. As noted, the disappointment is great, because in Bolzano they had to be held in this year 30. Edition of the festive market. His Organisation was “very complicated and difficult,” admitted the mayor Renzo Caramaschi. He recalled that due to new laws, you serve the food should at the tables. To control the distance and number of people – he noted.

The final decision on the Form of the celebration in Upper Adydze he’s in the grief soon.

The press stresses that the Tradition of the mountain villages are known for, Websites, this year there is no Chance in the encounter with the requirements of the struggle with koronawirusem.