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Killed, and he dismembered a journalist. Overview Peter Madsena

The Danish Designer of U-boats, Peter Madsen, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder in August 2017, the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, trapped, it was reported on Tuesday after a short escape from the prison, Reuters reports with reference to the Danish police.

On the Twitter account of the Danish police, there was a record of the arrest in the outskirts of Copenhagen man who escaped from the prison. Was not, however, the surname of the detainee.

The arrest occurred in the vicinity of the prison where he is serving a life sentence, for which he was convicted, in April 2018. According to Reuters, the had to sources in the Danish police, the detainee-to-be Peter Madsen. Video Round-up, the police released to the tabloid “Ekstra Bladet”. The footage shows the man, as Peter Madsena sitting on the fence and surrounded by armed employees.

30-year-old Kim Wall 10. August 2017, came on Board in the possession of Peter Madsena of the submarine “Nautilus” in Copenhagen’s harbour. The Swedish journalist Reportage realize had to the constructor.

Madsen was then known as skilled inventors and dreamers who like to shoot in the space. In order to realize this goal, to compete with former colleagues, with whom they separated in unpleasant circumstances.

Killed, and he dismembered a journalist. The Danish inventor, admits: Provoked me

Killed, and he dismembered a journalist. The Danish inventor, admits: Provoked me

10. August, on the day of the visit to Madsena, saw Kim Wall for the last time. The day after the meeting, the Swedish journalist with the Designer, his family said about the loss. Service searched U-Boot-Designer. At the same time, the car is in an emergency, from the water appeared in the vicinity of Copenhagen. On Board, only the owner was. Was evacuated, and the ship is gone.

The police suspect that this may be an intentional act, the traces of the crime. The presumption proved to be true. Dissected, mutilated and Ballast loaded to the body of the journalist was found, in several places in the Bay under Copenhagen.

Madsen is not recognized at the beginning of his guilt. As the family Wall said about his disappearance, the journalists themselves participated in the search for her. As a result of the investigation, it was found, however, that the Dane showed characteristics of a psychopath and narcissistic. In the inventors prior to the court confessed to the murder, but only to the dismemberment of the body of a journalist, and you throw it over the side of your boat.

Madsen admitted his guilt in September 2020. Earlier in the court claimed that the woman died as a result of the accident. The inventor had to cut her body in panic.

The court found that the Dane must be in the form of murder, desecration of the body, such as the crimes of a sexual nature. In his Computer pornography represents violence. The man was sentenced to life in prison.

Madsen appealed, then, not by the court, but only requested the mitigation of the penalty. This finding was, however, rejected the court of appeal.

It my fault that she died. It is my fault, because I committed a crime. This is all my fault Madsen said recently in a telephone Interview, the openly gay journalists Kristianem Linnemannem.

The Designer admitted that, in his opinion, was triggered by the journalist the Commission of the crime. The woman had rolled over and destroying things, the Madsen had on Board the boat. The Dane admitted that exactly this commit is the reason for the murders.