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Koronawirus in the United States: nearly 400 people died within a few days. More than 48 thousand. new infections

Within the last days in the USA 48 210 new infections koronawirusem, and because of the Covid-19 died while 388 people registered. About Hopkins University in Baltimore reported on his page on the Johns.

In accordance with the estimates of the American College of after the epidemic in the United States have been diagnosed, including 8 million 208 831 cases of infection koronawirusem. The number of the dead is 220 088.

The Director of the National Institute for allergies and infectious diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci is to say that in November or December, will be able, if some potential vaccines COVID-19 are safe and effective. He was confident that the jurisdiction of the Agency for the control of the food and drug administration (FDA) regarding its evaluation.

According to the opinion of epidemiologists, if proved would be, that Vaccinesthe are currently in clinical testing, is safe and effective, are made in the USA available everywhere, starting in April.

US States already plans with the plan of distribution of vaccines. The governors from both parties gathered in the Association of the National Governors Association, the Federal government is calling for detailed guidance on this issue. Contacted in Washington, in particular Federal funding, prioritization, monitoring of the health effects of viruses, etc. questions in connection with the distribution of future vaccines.

The democratic Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, however, said that his statement prior to distribution, check all vaccines, specifically by the Federal authorities. Announced to create a group of doctors and scientists, the collaboration with the California Department of Health for zaopiniowania, admitted to the use of vaccines.

Of course, we do not believe that anyone on the word. (…) We are a private, independently verified process with the participation of our world-class experts who are now living here in US California state of he explained.

Solution Newsoma analogous to the statements of the Governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo also announced, of one’s own vocation, to the experienced audience.

President Trump, for several months of pressure on a rapid development of a vaccine, which led to conflicts with officials of the public sector of the health care system, have not agreed with the schedule of the President the magazine “Los Angeles Times”, said the attention to the politicization of many aspects of the fight against the epidemic koronawirusa.

Already more than a Million infections in Argentina. Almost 400 victims koronawirusa in the United States [RAPORT DNIA]