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Magdalena K. is delivered in Poland: you szefować gang kiboli Cracovii

Magdalena K., allegedly the head of the gang of Krakow’s Fan will be delivered is agreed to by Slovakia to Poland: court in Banska Bystrica, on the execution of the European arrest warrant in relation to the refugee, the rejection of their request for political asylum.

Magdalena K. the red notch was wanted by Interpol and the European arrest warrant. 28. March was detained on the territory of Slovakia.

In the light of the European arrest warrant, the district court in Banska Bystrica the arguments of the K. and his defenders dismissed, the convinced of violations by Poland principles of the rule of law, and the statement of the Magdalena K. the granting of political asylum.

The court shared the view of the Prosecutor’s office, which has repeatedly emphasized that the allegations of the suspect relate to criminal offences in connection with the steering gear organized criminal group, smuggling and drug trafficking, and not have a political character.

To complement earlier, Magdalena K. took two unsuccessful attempts, the receipt of the letter of iron, which would allow her into the answer of “free feet”.

Magdalena K. Idea of the control of an organized criminal group, smuggling and drug trafficking, Obstruction of criminal proceedings in another investigation, and a false statement and incitement.

For the alleged woman did threatens up to 15 years in prison.

Magdalena K. had to take control of the gang kiboli Cracovii after the detainee was your Partner, one of the leaders of the group, Yuriy Z.

This according to the police, the action took place in December, 2017: the detainees were the brothers Ivan and Yuri, for example, the third of the brothers, George S., nicknamed “Green” shot and killed while attempting to arrest.

Journalists RMF FM appreciated the fact that, if the commands were in the apartment Adriana, for example, at the Krakow Ruczaju, this he jumped on it, and one of them tried to snatch the carbine and point him in the direction of employees of law enforcement bodies. Antyterrorysta with the other Hand pulled a gun and shot in the direction, remained standing. Adrian, for example – despite the immediately to the ICU – dead.

Exactly after these events – to capture than to inform tvn24.pl – the control of the gang had, Magdalena K., and a partner in Adriana, for example, was the second a few months later,, K. and she is way out of the country and escaped the arrest.

According to the Prosecutor’s office, under the direction of Magdalena K. group, which consisted of a few dozen people, dealt with the illegal circulation of drugs, also allows actions against the life and health of witnesses, often with the use of dangerous tools, such as knife and Machete: the members of the group had attack on football Fan Clubs from Krakow and Lodz.

The Prosecutor’s office has determined that the group brought to Spain with marijuana in an amount of not less than 5 500 kg-more than the estimated cost czarnorynkowej 88 million rubles and cocaine from the Netherlands in an amount of 120 kg on czarnorynkowej the amount of approximately Euro 4.3 million.