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Milenialsi more democracy disappointed, as the older Generation

Milenialsi less satisfied with democracy and more disappointed, as the older Generation. They are also less satisfied with democracy, as young people, the result ever in the last century – from a survey of 154 countries, the University in Cambridge.

The results of the study on Tuesday, the Reuters news Agency reported.

Milenialsi, i.e. born in the period 1981-1996, and more to be disappointed, as the Generation X, people born in the years 1965 to 1981, the baby boom Generation, born in the years 1944-1964, Generation and międzywojenne – 1918-1943.

“In the world, the young Generation is not only more than dissatisfied with the results of democracy, as the old, but also more unhappy than previous generations at similar stages of life” – it is in the report.

As writes the Agency Reuters, the Situation looks bad in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, France, Australia and the UK. Satisfaction but grew up in Germany, South Korea and many countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

From the report it follows that the main reason for the disappointment of the democracy were among young people, irregularities in terms of the wealth and income.

The study shows that populism can promote commitment to democracy, to act causes moderate party and its leaders.

The Cambridge Center for the Future of Democracy, ” collected data from more than 4.8 million of the respondents in 154 countries in the period of 1973-2020.

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