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The election campaign in the United States through the eyes of a reporter RMF FM

The election campaign in the USA to the finish line: at the 3. November’s presidential elections. At RMF we have 24 special report, and in wideorelację correspondents RMF FM in Washington, District of Columbia. In addition, we invite you to a special program on our profile on FB. The first episode on Wednesday, 21. October, after 21:00.

Exactly two weeks before the presidential election in the United States. On 3. November, the Americans have decided that the leaders of the United States is four more years of Donald Trump at the White house settled, Joe Biden is the candidate of the Democrats.

Surveys show that more chances to the victory of the former US Vice-President Joe Biden has been leading in the national studies. But 4 years ago the leader of the presidential race of the party, Hillary Clinton was. Ultimately, lost. And to the White house Donald Trump, the bidding this time, the re-election led. As already mentioned, this win to Biden.

In the next Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee President debate will take place. The Republicans with the idea of Trump in the discussion, connect high hopes on a reversal sondażowych Trends.

In a special report, “America will elect the President” on RMF24.pl here you will find all the important information for the Finale of the presidential campaign in the United States. We recommend, of course, the relationship of Paul Żuchowskiego, our man Overseas.

We also invite on our profile on Facebook. Our Journalist in the Online program information about the most important events of the campaign, to answer your questions.

The first programme on Saturday 21. February after 21 o’clock. On Friday at the same time. On the daily encounters with our journalists, we invite you from Tuesday 27 October to 3. November.