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The Italian magazine: for rent Lombardy and give the white flag

“The Lombardy on there and give the white flag” – as the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” commented on the statement of the authorities of the Region about the introduction of the curfew in connection with the largest increase in infections. According to the newspaper, a similar solution can accept and in other regions.

The head of the authorities of the Region, Attilio Fontana masters, together with the citizens lombardzkich cities appealed to the government in Rome of the initiation of the output of h lock from 23:00 hours to 5:00 p.m. on the next dayfrom Thursday on. During this time, you can move through the streets, just to work for health reasons or other grounded reasons. In addition, representatives of the local authorities for the closure on the weekends of shopping centres, with the exception of food shops, and those with objects of daily use.

The application in respect of the restrictions, supports a health Minister Roberto Speranza.

How the press stresses, the authorities in the Region predict that by the end of October for the local hospitals 4 Covid-19 is used by thousands of patients, including 600 in intensive care units.

“La Repubblica” noticed in the note that, if the Region, which is the most important economic “engine of Italy”, makes the decision on the partial Blockade, it is “easy to predict that the other submit, sooner or later, a request to the government on the evening lockdown”.

The newspaper noted that the decision of the Lombardy “breaks all from a psychological point of view, in the dark in a climate in quarantine in the spring.”

On Monday in the Region, there were more than 1,600 cases of infection. The day before there were about 3 thousand.

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