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Trump about the main thing epidemiologu: Fauci is a disaster. The bomb is, how he is thrown out

US President, Donald Trump praised, that “the people are tired Covidem-19” and listening to the epidemiologists of the country, Anthony Fauciego and “all these idiots, which is not right”. These are the words of the leader of the USA, said in an Interview with the small faces, the performance of its sztabowcami.

Trump said about the most common in the media Faucim: Every time the television goes, this is the bomb. But the bigger bomb is, how he is thrown out. Fauci is a disaster. If I listened to him, we would have 500 million. Deaths.

Until Monday – how to show the data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Covid-19 killed more than 220 thousand people. Americans.

Trump knew that listening to his interview to journalists. If some Reporter did, listen to so you share it the way I said it. Nothing, it doesn’t bother me , he said.

A claim on re-election Trump regularly wypomina Fauciemu that was the beginning of the year is not a supporter of the introduction of restrictions on travel from China. Epidemiologist then, the President praised the fact that, however, are determined to do this step.

Fauci, Director of the us National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases, as well as the White house adviser for questions of the epidemic, said recently that it is not surprised that Trump zakaził be koronawirusem. It is also complained that the White house has a restriction on some of his TV appearances.

Such allegations, a spokesman for the White house, Alyssa Farah pointed. Hard to turn on the TV and not see him. (Fauciego). And we are definitely not trying to get him to stop, before the exchange of important information with the public opinion added.

Koronawirus in the United States: nearly 400 people died within a few days. More than 48 thousand. new infections