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A drastic restriction in the Czech Republic. The shops are closed, the house prohibition to leave

The Czech government adopted a decision on the introduction of the following limitations due to the rising number of infections koronawirusem. Since Thursday all the shops are closed, except for those with the most important products, as well as most of the institutions of the service sector.

The restrictions apply to 3. November. As stated by the Minister of health Roman Prymula, whose objective is the maximum limit of the possibilities of contacts between people. Restrictions were divided into three groups, the Navigation, the functioning of the institutions, as well as restrictions in the area of services and trade.

Left the government imposed a ban on the house, with the exception of the street in front of the work, or at home, but also contacts with other people. You can move a maximum of two peoplewith the exception of situations in which the persons live together. But long exceptions not defined for whom the prohibition applies. With the prohibition disabled the output to the doctor, help from relatives, visits to families, starting in business or are traveling outside of the city, is a traditional Czech “chalupy”.

Institutions need to go to the Remote workand for the visitors two days per week for five hours. Prymula appealed to the regulation of the maximum number of addresses on the Internet. On Tuesday, it was also decided that a longer period of validity of the licence, to owners have to stand in a queue in the departments of communication.

The Vice-Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, infected koronawirusem

Restrictions in connection with trade and services, and have many exceptions. In addition to the grocery store and drogeriami can be opened, in particular, petrol stations, pharmacies, optical factory, of the place of sale of the press and tobacco, Laundry Service, shops with car parts and electronics. Can also work in car washes and accounting services. Restaurants and Bars were already closed, and may lead to a sale only to take away.

The Prime Minister-the Minister Andrey Babisz apologized to the citizens that the decisions the government make life more difficult for you. To protect the measures taken should, in the opinion of the Minister-President of the health care system. Not to be taken, and if the measures, which the health system will collapse about 7 to 11. November , he said.

According to the Minister Prymuli Place in the hospitals is currently 80%. the first capabilities of the system. In his opinion, the increase in the last few days, the number of beds to 10 thousand. at the current rate of spread of the disease is not reached between 8 and 11. November of the current year Prymula stressed that the existing limitations lead to a decrease of virus replication R, indicating how much a Person on average infected an infected Person. Currently, the coefficient is 1.36, and the goal is the reach the limit of 0.8.

The Prime Minister announced that, in connection with the current Situation in the country, will on Thursday, the Prime Ministers of the Visegrad group with the request to help. The same request has to steer in the neighbouring German Federal States, Bavaria and Saxony. The Prime Minister and the Minister of health declared that next week you fly to the Czech Republic, a group of 28 doctors from the US national guard.

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