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Almost 12 thousand. New infections in the Czech Republic. Since the beginning of the pandemic

In the Czech Republic of 11 registered 984 infection koronawirusem. It is the largest one-day rise since the beginning of the Influenza pandemic, reported the Ministry of health of the country.

In The Czech Republic a growing number of people who were hospitalized. In the hospitals is now more than 4 thousand. Patients with Covid-19in this 634 in a serious condition.

It was also observed the increase in the share of infected persons in the total number of the examined. Of 9. to 19. October Tests for the presence of koronawirusa with a positive result exceeding, with the exception of one day, 25 percent.

The Ministry of health zaktualizowało information about the mortality rate. Finally, on Monday was regulated, whose 97 that there is a record number, if it’s about a day in the Czech Republic. On Tuesday were 42 deathbut the balance is likely to increase. Overall, since the beginning of the epidemic in 1619 patients Covid-19 died in the country.

SARS-CoV-2, is rapidly spreading in the territory of the city of Zlín in the East of the Czech Republic, where within a week of 881 registered new cases on 100 thousand inhabitants. The second significant increase in infections is in the vicinity of the city of Простееве in Moravia.

On Wednesday in the Czech Republic, introduced the obligation of the wearing of protective masks, behind-closed spaces. It does not apply to individuals with the Sport. If the driver does not drive itself, and the happiness of people outside of his family, the masks are also mandatory.

Health Minister Roman Prymula is of the opinion that there are still too many contacts between people without respect for social distances, which contributes to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2, and the constraints you have entered are not complied with. As expected, the biggest burden for the health systems between 3. and 11. November. Then, more infections and more people to stay in the hospital.

Prymula not excluded that further restrictions worrying. The media suggest that this could leave to the closure of some establishments, service businesses and shops, or the ban, a night in the house.

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