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At the foot of the Capitol. Here is the President of the United States sworn in [WIDEORELACJA]

In front of the Capitol the construction of the grandstands began on the refusal of the President of the United States. The ceremony is scheduled for February 20. January 2021. And already at the 3. November, the Americans have decided that the President will be four more years of Donald Trump or the candidate of the Democrats is Biden, Joe.

At the foot of the Capitol, over many weeks, the preparations for one of the most important ceremonies that take place to be last, in this place, that it is four years. This starts the presidency of the head of state of the United States. The one who will win elections already in less than two weeks. May be, the USA still have 45. of the President. If Joe wins, Biden will be 46.

Our US correspondent Paul Żuchowski on elections, campaigns, prepare and accurately told to the Capitol.

Biden is beating Trump in the polls. But the advantage, but Florida may be the key to paint

In less than two weeks before the election in the polls, the democratic candidate leads. Has a double-digit advantage over the Republican. In 2016, the Donald Trump’s of the favorite was also, but in the end he won the election, against Hillary Clinton.

In the United States, the early vote is already in. Your voice more than 28 million Americans gave. This is more than in the same period four years ago.

This year, in the face of the epidemic koronawirusa in most countries much easier, to put the votes in the Form of correspondence. Depending on regional laws, the cards by mail Polling information, throw in special boxes or to the polling place bring. Such a mobilization of the voters is increasing, especially with the fact that many people want to avoid the 3. November stand in queues in front of polling stations. Another reason is the great changes in society and the mobilisation of elektoratów is, of course,.

According to surveys, the Democrats voted to significantly przychylniej absentee ballot. And on the day of the election, the 3. November in the polling more Republicans than Democrats, is expected to be. It is therefore too early to draw any conclusions. This year every vote will count.

The fight is very equal. It can also be that smooth duel Sieger know in the night of may 3. on the 4. November. The counting of votes will take several days. Some experts even believe that when it comes to re-recount of the votes is announced the winner of the presidential elections, a few days later.

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