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Biden is beating Trump in the polls. But the advantage, but Florida may be the key to paint

Joe Biden, the democratic rival of Donald Trump in the race for the White house in Florida, a mini advantage – a percentage point above the current President: these are the results of a survey conducted by the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. And how notice of the commentators – there is much to indicate that, without Florida, these elections will not win. Biden also leads in nationwide polls, some even give it a double-digit advantage.

The fight before the scheduled presidential election on may 3. November in Overseas is mainly on the so-called United Rocker – so, those, in which it is difficult to pre-predict – and those that you can give to a candidate a lot of votes elektorskich – just like Florida.

In the just-released survey by the University of North Florida in Jacksonville Joe the support of 48 percent of the respondents have Biden in Florida, and Donald Trump were in favour, 47 percent of the respondents.

The survey brought out, so that a similar result as for the Portal The Hill from last week, the and refers to the draw.

The defeat in the Sunshine State, has 29 votes elektorskimi, buried the chances of the individual candidates.

Trump won in Florida in 2016, with a lead of slightly more than 100 thousand votes over Hillary Clinton. In the campaign of this condition repeatedly, and in the past year, living in Florida, was visited officially.

The condition is a fierce the fight, and competing policy campaign to the finish line, visit him more often. Last week, Trump in Florida organized two meetings within a week, the candidate of the Democrats to the post of Vice-President, Senator Kamala Harris on Monday took and the participation in the election campaign meeting in Orlando, and then visited Jacksonville.

In the campaign of the Democrats in Florida helps, the billionaire Michael Bloomberg, handed in his Foundation’s US $ 100 million.

The democratic party will be able, with a relatively low support of the population is latino: most of the FL Cuban community’s support for Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, even taking into account the most important opinion polls, the Bidenowi also kilkunastoprocentową advantage the Republicans recognize in informal conversations, that the fear of Voting results, and the media, appreciate, October, some statements by politicians of this party, as try дистанцирования of Donald Trump – from the beliefs about the imminent end of the political.

In the last weeks of the campaign a Problem, the finances for the Republican party: the group is not able to compete in this regard Democrats gathered in August and September on record-breaking campaign in American history, policy amount.

Chapter Joe campaign, jen Dillon O Biden’malley warned in an internal article sympatykom of the applicant were that “actually the race is far more focused than many people believe, some experts on Twitter and TV”.

“If you have learned something in the year 2016, this is something we can’t said the value of the ability for the return of Trump the game in the last days of the campaign,” -.