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Cruel killing of the teacher. Students received 300 Euro for the victims in the note

Killer history teacher Samuel Pati Potter has him years recognized only two students – 14 and 15 -. Have him sacrificed in exchange for 300-350 Euro, confirmed the public Prosecutor in France against terrorism Jean-François Ricard.

Ricard, who took up the investigation into this attack, he also said during the press conference that The 18-year-old murderer Abdullah Anzorow “appeared in the area middle school h about 14” and tried to Paty Potter.

He proposed with this objective, “a child in the amount of 300 to 350 Euro”. Two students opisało Anzorowowi teacher. Shortly before 17 clock “a group of young people, the first (student) pointed to the attacker, Samuel Pati Potter, as he walked out of the school“,- told the Prosecutor.

Cruel killing of a teacher in France. The father of a student listens to the accusations?

The Demoman is paid, then promised a sum licealiście and she followed the teacher. According to the words of Ricarda said to his disciples, he wanted to humble, “and to beat” Пати’ego, in order to force him to happiness, the man for the meal to his disciples the cartoons of Mohammed.

Rickard said that the procedure to this issue include the two young people who have given sacrifice.

Ricard also noted that there is a “direct causal relationship” between the campaign for the destruction of the Pati Potter in social networks, and shock.

The Prosecutor estimated that the murder of the teacher fits in a series of attacks, the explained as a response to the “call to murder”, which, among other things, Al-Qaeda and its affiliated organizations, after the French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” cartoons of the prophet in the beginning of September.

Ricard recalled that at the 25. February in the vicinity of the former building of the editorial office of “Charlie Hebdo”, there was another attack, in the knife, two people were injured.

Books with karykaturami Mohammed will be dealt and students in France

A total of seven people, including students, before the court in connection with the murder of the teacher. Nine people have been released from-under guards without charges.

A lot of people are likely to be supplied, in a state of Brahim C., the father charges, one of our students. The investigators estimate that he was probably spent in the teachers “could ask Fatwa”, a binding religious edict Muslims that Azanowa for a murder.

The investigators will study very carefully the messages that flow between the front of the murder with the App WhatsApp between parents and the Killer before the Agency, AFP reported.

Before the court also Islamist activist Abdelhakim Sefrioui, a close friend Brahima S. and the three friends, 18-year-old Czeczena was born in Moscow, the this cruel murder made. One of them is suspected in the return of the killer at the crime scene, suspected the second, accompanied him in the purchase of the weapon.

Anzorow killed Pati-Potter-day in white, in front of his school in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. The victim’s severed head was found about 200 meters from the school building. In the Wake of the police action was shot for the murder of the offenderand the Prosecutor’s office initiated investigations against the “murders in connection with terrorist activities”.

In October Pati showed the students cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in the lessons devoted to the freedom of the word. It annoyed many Muslim parents. Muslims believe that any depiction of Mohammed is blasphemy.

On Wednesday evening in the courtyard of the Sorbonne in Paris, was held the ceremony of the Assembly of national veneration Samuel Party with a friend.

At the ceremony, 400 guests attendedin this President Emmanuel Reebok Stadium, said the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, chair of the Senate and the national Assembly, members of the government and the family of the killed. The Parisian will be able to see Live broadcasts with a ceremony on телебимах, placed in different places of the city, in particular, under the Pantheon.

The ceremony began with the entry of the coffin with the body of Pati Potter in the courtyard of the Sorbonne, in the tones of the songs of the group U2’s “One”.

As the first speech, dedicated to the dead and wyznawanym by him humanitarian values to be a friend of the killed, Christopher Capuano said.

Then the teacher of history and geography Marie Cuirot, the odczytała poem, “Samuel called,” written in honor of the murdered singer on Gauvaina Sersa. The 14-year-old student of the Paris lyceums Dahlia odczytała excerpt from a letter by Albert Camus, in front of his teacher, Louis Germaina.

Then the word Macro, which emphasizes a personal message to the family of the deceased, took the passion and devotion he fulfilled his Mission nauczycielską. He spoke about the values and the spirit of the French Republic, which, as he said, a significant impact every day in the French schools for French teachers.

Samuel Pati is a victim of the hatred, the stupidity, the lie – the President emphasized, to defend the freedom of speech, laicyzmu and freedom of teaching.

We will continue to be, Professor the state promised to the head. He spoke about the teaching of controversial issues and important, which are moved every day, teachers and krytycyzmie, the – stressed as he is – should be the hallmark of every citizen.

Macro-assured that the drawings and cartoons, will be published and in France are shown. Not you (you) – he noted.

We will learn, we will promote secularism to – Macro Added. Long live the Republic, long live France he said the speech ends. Then the orchestra played the Marseillaise.

The President presented without the presence of the media and the public posthumously, murdered National order of the Legion of honour in the presence of his family and relatives.

Family and friends gave the public information about the ceremonies of the funeral of the deceased, save search time and the place of burial in secret from the media.

Books with karykaturami Mohammed will be dealt and students in France