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DxOMark wants to be Display Mate: Changes in the most controversial benchmark in the mobile world

DxO is now evaluating the screens of smartphones: These are the phones with the best panel according to the first tests.

The folks at DxOMark can’t get enough of making theirs Photography benchmark a controversial topic of conversation among cell phone fans. For some time now, the company has wanted to evaluate the quality of mobile audio as well, and now it intends to be new DisplayMate, through a new ranking that measures the quality of the screens of smartphones.

This was announced by the company itself, indicating that from now on it will have a new area on its website to display it in the screen rating of the most popular smartphones, based on various technical tests carried out in their laboratories.

The first models have already been analyzed in this section Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra the first position and the OnePlus 8 Pro the second.

The Note20 Ultra’s screen is one of the best on the market.

According to DxO, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s screen is the best on the mobile phone market

Such tests are carried out by measuring Aspects such as legibility, color rendering, movement, touch, or the appearance – or not – of artifacts.

Based on all of these aspects a punctuation numerically. DXO advises that his test is the only one that is carried out in “real” situationsand not in optimal laboratory situations like apparently other companies.

On the other hand, the advisor states that Tests are also conducted that measure the “dynamic” attributes of smartphone screens.B. the refresh rate or animations when playing games or playing videos. With these types of tests falls from Frames or irregular behavior in automatic brightness systemsas well as the response time of the touch panel.

The ranking of the DXO screens is already available on the website. As stated at the beginning, the newest model in the Samsung Galaxy Note series is the model with the highest score. This is followed by the OnePlus 8 Pro, the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 Pro second, third and fourth position respectively.

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