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Murder Chaszukdżiego in the Consulate. His family is suing the Saudi Prince

The family of the killed in the year 2018, the Saudi journalists Dżamala Chaszukdżiego filed a lawsuit in Federal court in Washington, District of Columbia, accusing the corona, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and the personal decision-making about the murder of journalist who was an outspoken critic of the Royal family in Saudi Arabia.

In the lawsuit, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and many Saudi officials of the Ministry of internal Affairs mentioned. The defendants, you “cruel and brazen crime, which was planned several weeks in advance, it was with conscious intention.”

Dżamal believed that everything is possible in America, so we have confidence in the American justice system, and we believe in justice – the human rights organization, the action in the name of the family of the murdered journalists.

Opposition was killed in relation to the power in Riyadh Chaszukdżi in Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, went to the at the 2. November 2018, the formalities in connection with the wedding. The Saudi authorities have long argued that nothing to do with his disappearance, but ultimately acknowledged that, prior to the murder, it came as attempts to Journalist curls failed for the voluntary return to the country. Bodies never found. Rial, the Prosecutor admitted that she was dismembered and out of the Embassy introduced.

At the beginning of September, the court of second instance court in Riyadh sentenced to death after 20 years in prison, sentenced five accused in the murder of the Saudi journalists. The other three people convicted in the penalty of seven to 10 years of imprisonment.

Process in Saudi Arabia has been widely organizations for human rights, according to which neither a high Saudi official neither is suspected, criticized, not to be found in order to kill guilty. Was on the verge of collapse, the independence of the Saudi court.

The murder of the journalist in the Consulate. Five people sentenced to death