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Pope Francis supports the legalization of civil partnerships for same-sex couples

“Homosexual persons have the right, in a family. They are children of God and have a right to a family”, – says in the latest document “Francesco” Pope Francis. The Supreme Hierarch of the Catholic Church called for the creation of the law on civil homosexual unions, reported Reuters.

We need to create it, the law on civil alliances. Due to the fact that they (the homosexuals – as. RMF FM) have legal protection. I found – says Yegor in the documentary “Francesco” Eugen Afiniewskiego. As reported by Reuters, the Pope responded to the Situation with the times when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, spoke against the legalization of same-sex marriage, but supported by legal sanctions, the rights of homosexual couples.

The Film shows some of the homosexuals, who are raising three children. One of the men tells of his conversation with Francis, who advised them, they brought the children in the municipality, regardless of the opinion of other people.

After his relationship with the comment of the Pope appears to be in Spanish, stating that homosexuals “the right to a family”. Nobody needs to be disposed of, and suffering for this reason – he noted.

In the movie about Francisco recommends, among other things, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the vassals of the Church, his relatives, Jose Ignacio Bergoglio and friend of Francis, Rabbi Abraham theme.

Born in Russia and in the USA works, the Director brought the document under the name “Francis” at the international film festival in Rome. On Wednesday, the Pope met with the Director – submitted to Vatican newspaper “L’osservatore Romano”.

Afiniewski receives on Thursday the award in the Vatican, Kineo.

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