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The Italian Commissioner: Soon 200 thousand. Tests on koronawirusa per day

Soon in Italy will be carried out by 200 thousand. Tests per day, promised on Wednesday, the extraordinary Commissioner for crisis epidemiological Domenico Arcuri. He assured that the school are in today’s time, one of the safest places in the country.

In an Interview with the newspaper “Corriere della Sera” Arcuri emphasized that the current Situation during the second wave of the pandemic is reminiscent of what is happening in the country in March.

We have learned in the course of the Virus, treat more and more people in the houses the Commissioner added.

He pointed out that the General practitioners should test for the presence koronawirusa in the homes of the patients and cure them as soon as possible.

Now we regularly make more than 100 thousand. Tests in the molecular day, and we prepare for the elimination of the difference between the demand and opportunities. Lady of the regions the possibility to do very quickly, up to 200 thousand. Tests per day , he explained.

The Commissioner promised, also Buying 10 Million Antigens Tests.

Arcuri in an Interview with the newspaper assured that the Situation in the schools is good. As he said, the proportion of infected among the students is 0.15%. this is five times less than the average in the population of Italy. Infected teachers, added, make up 0.32 percent. of the whole body, of the educational.

The school is today one of the best-protected places has authorized the government.

He said that the fight against the epidemic, turned his office 2.9 billion euros. In addition, he added, is a sum of 1.4 billion to the strengthening of the PC-network of the hospital.

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