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The probe OSIRIS-REx, a sample of the asteroid Bennu. View this place!

Agency NASA reported on the success of the OSIRIS-REx. She managed a hole in the asteroid Bennu and you download a little dust, which is then directed in the direction of the earth. You can see in this Moment on the unique recording!

This day and these kilkusekundowy Moment entered into the history. Space probe OSIRIS-REx in the possession of the NASA samples of rock and dust from received the Asteroid Bennu. The complexity of the Operation was the fact that the probe they had very little time, because in about five seconds.

Many things can go wrong, because the probe has the size of a Van, and the Asteroid, many of the boulders, so we need to between you, to sample download. This requires a careful planning. So, if the probe ignited a course, or something of that nature, then run the maneuver to interrupt or stop the asteroid and we must try to feel that again Dr. Lucy Lim of the Agency, NASA said.

Ultimately, it succeeded in at 18:12 local time (23:12).

The scientists are convinced that the unmarked sample is included Excerpts from the water and the organic substances up to four and a half billion years agobefore how was the earth that provides information about the elements of a building material in the solar system.

According to NASA, the Asteroid Bennu, a on 2700 opportunities to impact the ground at the end of the XXI century. has The probe came on the 500-Meter Asteroid in December 2018, and since then carefully studied the surface.