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The Vice-Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, infected koronawirusem

The Czech Vice-Premier and Minister of the interior Jan Hamaczek had a positive test result for SARS-CoV-2, and in domestic quarantine, reported on Wednesday. Hamaczek the head of the Czech social democratic party (CSSD), the government intends to Andreas Babisza form.

Hamaczek, directs the work of the Central crisis of the rod, which will focus primarily on logistics measures taken by the authorities during a pandemic, revealed the tests after the meeting of the leadership of the CSSD, which on Thursday took the Minister of agriculture Miroslav Toman. The Minister of agriculture had a positive test result after the return from the EU at a meeting in Luxembourg.

The other participants of the meeting that the Tests were negative. On his profile in Twitter Hamaczek mode is reported to be home in quarantine, and the App is in Online. This also applies to meetings of the government, – he wrote.