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To know the best web who is calling by phone

Companies are no longer allowed Phone calls with hidden number for advertising purposes, does not mean that the call of spam have ceased to be. Rather, the opposite. Fortunately, it is now easier you know who is calling you on the phone thanks to the applications and web pages dedicated to this end.

You already explained in your time, how to identify and know who is the number of unknown cell phone. Now we will check the the best web pages know who is calling by phone.

What is the phone number that is calling you from a company? Find out who is calling you.

Top sites to find out who is calling you


One of the most popular platforms for you know who is calling you free it is ListaSpam.

This web page has used one of the most of the resources available at the time of the discover who owns the number that calledand know as well, if this is a call spam.

Yes, it is possible ListaSpam for you know who’s calling you both in Spain and in Latin Americaand , thanks to the participation of users, more and more Telephone numbers stored in your database. Best of all, is that it is not necessary to register in order to search for phone numbers.


To identify another famous platform of mobile phone numbers, which also has its own app for mobile. With TrueCalleryou can find telephone numbers and identify to whom they belong Thanks to its built-in search engine.

In the case of the use of the website of true caller, you need to create an account to be able to perform searches of the phone numbers.

One of its advantages is the fact that a is Database inter-Nacionalthus, it is possible to identify the owners of phone numbers is unknown, regardless of the country from which the call originates.

Truecaller, Calls

Truecaller is the app used frequently to identify numbers

Respond or not

A famous alternative to ListaSpam is Respond or Not. It is a very easy to use, with a search engine that allows you you can find telephone numbers and associated companies.

In this way, other users can choose from phone numbers as a neutral a Scam or useful, so that other people can in order to know whether the phone numbers to call us sure, or if on the contrary it is a call of spam could.


In his time, Infotelefónica it is one of the web pages, was the most famous for to know who a phone number. Since his disappearance, Teledigo it is the service that has to be occupied somehow your place.

It is a General source of information, used the information from the CNMCdata such as the identity behind unknown phone numbers.

Is a web site that is easy to use and as simple as the other: they simply accessed from the browser on your computer or mobile, enter the phone number in the search engine and you will see all of the information in connection with the number, as well as the comments of the other members. It is not necessary to register to use it, and it is completely free of charge.

Who has called?

To define its Creator, this platform as a Oona integrated database for the visitors of your web-pages with telephone numbers from unwanted or unknown callers.

Thanks to her, it is possible identify companies for marketing, surveys or contests, as well as false calls or spam phone.

In this telephone directory you will be able to see Comments the rest of the people on the Telephone numbers and their owners. It is free and no registration is required.

Who is calling me?

Although the name is very similar to the previous option Who is calling me? it is a different tool. Just go to the Website and, without logging on or registering, you will be able to you can find phone numbers and to know who owns the number you called.


Your name says it all: with TeléfonoSpam you can discover who is calling youand if the number belongs to a company which has been in the past in connection with spam techniques Abuse or phone.

It is a very good option, if You think you got a suspicious callit is a database of thousands of numbers, and user comments indicate that if the calls can be dangerous.



Tellows, an app to know who is calling you.

There are those who say that Tellows it is the best alternative that exists is to Truecaller.

This is a web page –which also has its own app, you you can find phone numbers around the world, and to know to whom they belong.

Tellows allows us to know, both for the company or the property of the phone number Information about your prefixif the caller is Movistar, Vodafone, Orange or other operators, and the Overall assessment on the basis of the reports generated by the rest of the people.

The Platform You can freehowever, you need to create an account to take advantage of some of its functions.

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