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Tragic balance in Ukraine. The highest daily number of infections and deaths koronawirusem

In Ukraine, a record number of infections koronawirusem and mortality of persons infected – reported confirmed 6719 infection, 141 people were killed. For wyzdrowiałych 2686 patients was – handed over to the Ukrainian health Minister Georgi Stepanov.

The last few days in connection with Covid-19 hospitalized 1009 people, including in hospitals with confirmed infection or suspected of 23 thousand people. Man.

On this day, the majority of infections are confirmed in the Kharkiv Oblast (713) and the Odessa Region (614). Most of the people – 23 – died in Kiev. A total of approximately 63 thousand Tests, including about 33 thousand PCR were on this day.

At the present time In the country 177 680 active infections. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the infection koronawirusem in Ukraine confirms 315 826 people have been killed 5927 patients with Covid-19 and wyzdrowiało 132 of 219 patients.

On Tuesday Stepanov said that in the coming weeks in Ukraine odnotowywanych 8-10 thousand. Infections koronawirusem per day. Promised preparation for the next 10 thousand places in hospitals for patients with Covid-19.