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“30%. the mortality of children associated with malnutrition”. Dramatic appeal PMM

In Senegal, the Problem of malnutrition of up to 2.5 million people, relates to the Polish Medical Mission warns. One of the most serious consequences of under-nutrition anaemia are ill 66 percent. Children up to the age of 5. Year of life.

Anemia is a direct result of under-nutrition in sick and of up to 1.6 billion people around the world. The most common with the disease faced by women in Asia (the second of the most common causes of death among mothers anemia caused fatal bleeding at birth) and Africa South of the Sahara. In this last one in four people is malnourished.

In many cases, the health of the child depends on the health of the mother. If a woman has anemia, and food, not with milk mineral are substances and vitamins child. In view of the monotonous and low-nutritious diet, anemia in a child can develop for a couple of months. 30%. the mortality among the young children to malnutrition occurs. As much as among malnourished pregnant women – says Jacek Szewczyk, a pediatrician who works with you, the Polish Medical Mission.

Anemia, caused by acute malnutrition is a condition in which the child is poised on the threshold between life and death. Often leads, if untreated, diarrhea, infectious diseases, or no, consultation with the doctor. The Extreme under-nutrition also increases 9 times the risk of death.

In addition to the medical problems common Problem is Lack of education in the area of proper nutrition. Each child up to 6 years. Month of life can be exclusively breastfed. Actually, only 1 child on 3 with mother’s milk absorbed. It happens that the child eats the same as the Rest of the family, such as coffee, honey, or rice with Sauce onion sauce. Family, and Mama is not always breast-feeding can happen Xymena Dyduch, the coordinator of humanitarian projects in Senegal, says.

The fight with the insignificant anemia must not necessarily have to be complicated, and in combination with pharmacological treatment. Enough the women had knowledge in the area of proper nutrition and know what ingredients to deliver the child, depending on age.

Action PMM help in the fight against under-nutrition isand this is only possible with the help of a professional medical care, rapid diagnosis and education in the field of nutrition.

One-off costs for the provision of your child essential drugs is about 10 euros. In return for food packaging a poor family costs 200 euros and is sufficient for the preparation of full-fledged dishes. We are in Senegal, helps in 20 health centers and ask for help in the procurement of medicines, baby food, weights, tray, and support for the organization of seminars in Essen – adds Xymena Dyduch with PMM.

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