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Austria wants to prevent przyłbic

Anywhere in Austria, where it is necessary the use of masks, the so-called flaps, then there is a plastic cap on the face, is not more than protection; the government is going to ban you from the information, to which the Austrian newspaper “Kurier”came.

The contactor denied effect przyłbic on his face for a long timethe manner in which a curved plastic plate, the back, to keep open on the sides, top and bottom, the droplets? Now, the Austrian government wants to prohibit writes to the “courier”.

This follows from the project, a new regulation koronawirusowej, which will come into force on Friday.

In the Text of the law, to the journalists came, in areas where the osłanianiu the mouth and the nose, on the duration of “cover” with the addition of “close-fitting”. And it probably is, applies only to the classical masks, writes to the “courier”.

In the notes it says that Helmets “will have no effect deceleration of the aerosol, which is comparable with the classical masks”. “The mechanical protective devices, such as helmets or (even more) Mini-shields face, were not, therefore, added for the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 and, therefore, are now banned”, -.

In September American studies have shown that helmets resulted in minimal protection against infection. During the Simulation, carried out by the scientists realize that the truth, the mask blocks the movement to the front droplet with coughing and sneezing, but spread it.

On Monday, as the government announced new measures in the fight against koronawirusem, in a speech on the prohibition of the use of przyłbic, but only on the new restrictions relating to events and private gatherings.

In Austria, within the last days 2435 infections koronawirusem fixed, the most since the beginning of the epidemic in this country.

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