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Discussion Trump-Biden today in the night. To avoid Chaos, it will disable the microphones

Tonight to 3 PM PDT, the second and last presidential debate of the US election takes place. The Republicans hope that the President shows their ułagodzone face, what is a reflection and a consequence of him in the Form of a survey.

The eyes of the Americans, on Thursday evening, 21 (Eastern Standard time), specifically to Nashville, Tennessee. In the city of the famous country music place, moderated by Kristen Welker with NBC News debate between the documents on the completion of the second term in office, Donald Trump and the candidate of the Democrats, Joe Biden. The long-awaited 90-minute verbal duel, was divided into six segments. Relating to pandemic, koronawirusa, American families, racial issues, climate change, national security and leadership.

During the first few minutes of statements by contenders for the White house is turned off the microphone. This is to prevent the interruption by TP. These emergency measures were taken after the first debate, on 29. In September, the agreed opinions of most of the media was extremely chaotic and full of insults.

To turn the decision over to mute, criticized the Central of Donald Trumpgave in a Statement that “with the right someone is not acceptable”. The President agreed, however, on conditions to participate in the discussion. The counselors, the leaders of the United States promise that in Nashville face soft. “New York Times” believes that the question of whether it can be decisive in the assessment of the debate.

Should go in the direction of relaxed, concentrated on facts and not on personaliach discussion. A good example is the Vice-President (Mike Pence)were – claims to Trump Newt gingrich, the Ex-head of the house of representatives, the Republicans sympathize with.

In the assessment part of the presidential Advisor, TV-collision for the host of the White house, perhaps the last Chance for a reversal of the negative sondażowych Trends. The surroundings of the bright policy of spore was connected hope with a cycle of three debates. Many of his followers thinks, but the first clash for the lost opportunity in the race to Biden. A TV Start, planned first in Miami, 15. October, was very koronawirusem to the trouble Trump cancelled because of his sudden infection. At the Thursday debate in Nashville, so the last Chance for the two candidates to show tens of millions of voters.

“Trump enters into discussion with the loss sondażową and with little time to distract the campaign, which stuck”, says the Portal The Hill. Biden – how to add – in a try, your benefits four years of his reign, will keep you determined, including and especially the response of the state to the epidemic koronawirusa, which killed more than 220 thousand. Americans.

The Team Trump – how of its consultants ‘ reports – will focus on foreign policy. The President will be raised on the question of Hunter Biden, son of the candidate of the Democrats. He works in the Ukrainian gas company Burisma had to authorities to help in the Organisation of a meeting of this society with his father, when he was Vice-President of the United States.

“It is not clear how Biden reacts to this attack, but the first debate can give a few tips. In the past month, as a Trump, Biden stressed on the finances of the son, the former Vice President tried to quickly get away from the topic,” – said The Hill.

12 days before the planned 3. November US presidential elections, Biden is in the middle of nation-wide surveys has 7.7 points. Percent. Advantages over Trump. This follows from the data Portal of real clear politics. President bounced slightly in the polls to a drop height, the shortly after the discovery of his koronawirusa. 11. October candidate of the Democrats, led with him to be more than 10 percentage points.

The presidential elections in the USA will take place on 3. November.