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Giuliani, the police handed over the materials, the burden son, Joe Biden

Rudy Giuliani, the lawyer of the US President Donald Trump, he gave to the police in the US state of Delaware, a copy of the hard drive that Biden, in his opinion, belonged to the Hunter and includes materials, incriminating the son of the former Vice-President of the United States and the opponents Trump in the November elections, Joe Biden.

According to the Ministry of justice of the state of Delaware, a copy of the hard drive, the police arrived in the district of New Castle, which transferred its Federal Bureau of investigators (FBI). As claimed to NBC-TV spokeswoman of the offices of the FBI in the U.S. state of Delaware declined to comment on the provided content and data from your Computer.

The magazine “New York Post” published in the last week a series of articles, dealing with the son of the democratic candidates for the U.S. presidency. With respect to Giuliani’s letters to the newspaper that Hunter Biden led a lucrative business with the biggest private Chinese company, energy efficiency is written. It was also seen that one of the contracts would be interesting for his family.

To pay attention In a different Text “NYP” to the fact that a few years ago Hunter Biden, his father, the former wiceprezydentowi the United States, the head of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma hired. This happened, as noted, a magazine that forced less than a year ago, when Joe Biden, “the Ukrainian officials responsible for the dismissal of the Prosecutor that led the investigation in respect of this company”.

The election campaign, Biden denies all of this information. Neither a gathering, mentioned “New York Post”, never has been – determined.

Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, he is also Biden the leading media in the US, which is not the subject of enough attention to Hunter. Or hide it is, therefore, for you Americans, this is not achieved the information? – tweetował Giuliani.

At the Assembly Station, NBC News sent a letter to Giuliani and his lawyer, Robert Costello, with the request that the copy of the hard drive, in order to assess the content and accuracy of the contained in the E-Mails and other records. TV so far, no answer.

As recalled by the newspaper “USA Today”, John Paul Mac Isaac from the workshop, the Computer in Delaware, recently said that in April 2019, the man who introduced himself as Hunter Biden, brought the damaged Laptop MacBook Pro. Mac Isaac added, however, to identify the visual impairment prevents him or her a Person.

The “New York Post” has been made, that a Computer has not reported owner never, according to his receipt, called in the American media a lot of hassle. In the Sunday edition of the “New York Times” wrote Biden, that the correspondent of the “New York Post”, was Co-author of the article on a Laptop, “refused to put your name under the Text, there is doubt as to its credibility had”.

According to “USA Today,” senators from the Republican party published in the last month, a report, based on investigation of the activities of Hunter Biden. Although the said that the business Biden Hunter, complicates the work of officials of the State Department, which found no evidence that Biden improper handling Joe the newspaper stresses.

The radio station Ex-the adviser to Trump Steve Bannona held on Tuesday a conversation with Giulianim. He said that he and Biden information about criminal activity in connection with Hunter.

Was hoping for the victory Trump 4 years ago. Who, in your opinion, is now US President?