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IT out of white Russia. Dozens of companies spread to the Ukraine

Dozens of IT companies in total, from white Russia in the Ukraine, said the Ukrainian Vice-Minister of the digital revolution, Alexander Borniakow. As he added, Wargaming, developer of the famous game World of Tanks, has hundreds of employees.

The Deputy Minister also said that in the Kiev office opened in the company IT PandaDoc. He has not number of companies in Ukraine is specified, the number of workers.

Borniakow stressed that these companies have implemented in Ukraine in the framework of the programme IT Relocate to Belarus, through his office, with the support of the President.

IT is an area in the help for the white Russians is relevant, and we can make it available – reported in Facebook on Saturday. Borniakow pointed out that Ukraine is ready to Belarusian experts, give the opportunity to take a Job in a simplified mode.

At the beginning of October the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Желенский signed a decree on measures, which should attract, in the Ukraine, the Belarusian entrepreneurs and high-skilled labour, in particular in the field of IT was signed. Protest in connection with this document, in the last week, the foreign Ministry in Minsk, the assessment has indicated that this unfriendly step of the Ukrainian side, “adjacent to the interference in the internal Affairs of Belarus”.

After the presidential election in Belarus on 9. August, according to official results Alexander Lukashenko, 2.5 thousand representatives of the Belarusian IT won industry have the joint letter in the terms and conditions in connection with the current Situation in this country, about the work. A massive out-migration of skilled workers abroad predicted, the opening of offices in the neighbouring countries, the slowdown in the growth of the IT sector in Belarus, the decline in investment in the Belarusian companies in this sector and decline in tax revenue.

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