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Obama at a rally for Biden: It is the most important election in our lives

The Ex-US President Barack Obama have Biden in the end of the campaign, Joe, the Democratic party candidate for the highest office in the state. On the “auto-share” in Philadelphia for the vote, the assessment mobilized, that the upcoming elections are “the most important thing in our lives”.

We can’t be satisfied. I have no interest in surveys. Lately a lot of surveys was – Obama said. Most of the studies of state Hillary Clinton and the Victory of Donald Trump repeated for the defeat four years ago, faworyzowanej. According to him, it happened because many voters “was lazy”.

So, given the strict security measures during the pandemic, the distance organized while maintaining. The former head of the White house before his speech took on the face of the mask and the gathered listened to his words, in vehicles in which Radios were included.

What we do in the next 13 days is, in fact, make for decades – estimated 44. the US President, declared that the planned elections on may 3. November, the most important thing in our life””. And called for early voting in Pennsylvania, more than one Million Americans have already taken advantage of.

In his speech, Obama has to with the wide criticism of his, ranging in price bid for a second term of office, a successor. Harsh words directed, in particular, about the government’s response to the epidemic koronawirusa. The claim that the White house is not messed up with work – recognised.

Donald Trump does not protect suddenly, all of us. Can’t even protect one of the fundamental measures to your self to Obama said. Introduced, so discover at the beginning of October, US President koronawirusa had. Of infection with SARS-CoV-2, the U.S. market leader in the three days he spent in a hospital in Washington.

In warm words, Obama spoke about Bidenie, his former Deputy in the White house. Assured that this year will be the candidate of the Democrats, “respected by all”. Obama and Biden friendships keep; during their rule in the White house press Royal romance “(engl.” bromance also wrote about the “brothers”).

Until Wednesday wiecem Obama has been in Philadelphia attending a meeting with representatives of the African-American community. Sztabowców Democrats bother, is that Trump in this year in the polls, a higher support among dark-skinned citizens of the USA, as in the year 2016.

The Ex-President of the campaign to the finish line, reinforced his support for Biden. The subsequent support of his speech, Obama planned on Saturday in Miami, Florida.

During the epidemic koronawirusa allegations Trump about the neglect of the epidemic Biden significantly restricted choice of events. He organized the Pre-election meeting in a small circle. In a few days, till Thursday in the debate, the 78-year-old Democrat, there was not a single public appearance.

Meets with the criticism of the rod Trump, the meetings referred to in the health in tłumnych. Joe Biden, who is clearly not ready, calls on the hardships of the campaign, so Barack Obama is on the help – in a statement on Wednesday wiecem in Philadelphia, a spokesman for the campaign, Trump Tim Murtaugh.

Pennsylvania, where Philadelphia is located, can be decisive for the chances of the two candidates. Trump in 2016 in this state-will be won with 20 elektorskimi votes with a prevalence of approximately 44 thousand votes. This year, polls predict a fierce battle for the victory, in most of them, the slight favorite is Biden.

The President confirmed that the competition in Pennsylvania, only violent. At the rally in on your Erie, acknowledged on Tuesday that epidemics has not been taken into account here is the arrival. I have to be honest – not a Chance, I would (here) has arrived. Had to , he said.

Was hoping for the victory Trump 4 years ago. Who, in your opinion, is now US President?