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Radio reigns in your car!

Radio is the most popular source for Audio content in the vehicle without the radio switched on can movement not imagine that more than half of the driver. In addition, in the vast majority does not prevent advertising and “jump on the stations” is annoying for your fellow passengers, – the result of a study of the portal Oponeo.pl.

The poles do not stand in front of a car ride, in silence, and the most popular source for Radio tone – does not give up, to 54 percent. the respondents in the study Oponeo.pl. In the second place, the own music was selected, the 48 percent. Up to 80 percent. of the respondents wants to hear during the journey music, and not the words, therefore, might be much less interest in audiobookami (elect 4 per cent). and Podcasts (3 percent).

The vast majority of the listener-driver to prevent advertising – only 16 percent. the channel changes when you hear them. In addition, passengers often annoying “jump on the stations”. Driver, the more of the loyal listeners – 38 percent. these are the loyal listeners of some radio stations.

From the responses of the reader Oponeo.pl it can be seen that most of the music and radio broadcasts, such as the effective way of struggle with the monotony of travel (44 per cent). The following 16 percent. he thinks she’s very important, especially in the morning, because they help in fighting fatigue. 19 per cent. Respondents can be found in the are a bit the therapeutic effect that helps to endure tube.

The poles also like to sing in the car at a wheel of the singer up to 29 percent of the plays. of the respondents, and only 9 per cent. added to that act in the case of a travel with a passport waived podśpiewywania under the nose. And 27 Percent. Vice-versa, and try to promote it to fellow travelers to sing together.

The poles choose very different types of riding. In a study (you can specify multiple answers) the most common Rock (49 percent) selected. and pop (46 percent). – that is to say, precisely those that most Polish radio stations offers.

Despite the fact that Podcasts are among the drivers still not very popular, as well as in the West, they are likely to be increasingly important. Among the people who now Podcasts listen to behind the wheel, the most popular transmission via the sports (15 per cent), historical (12 percent). and political (10 percent). A little behind them, the social programs, the style of life”), culture, education, or Business.

Source: own research Portal Oponeo.pl implemented with the help of surveys, in the time of CAWI 17.08.2020 to 13.09.2020. Number of respondents – 3600.