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Record early voting in the United States [WIDEORELACJA]

41 million Americans cast their ballots in the early voting. On 3. November during the presidential elections, Donald Trump and Joe play Biden. Never before has such a large interest in the transmission of the voice was. In addition, because of the epidemic part of the States, which was not allowed earlier, this Form of participation in elections, this year it is allowed.

In an electoral race in wideorelacji the American correspondent RMF FM Paul Żuchowski told. See:

Will continue the mobilisation of voters for each party. From surveys reveals that from an earlier Form of participation in elections with Democrats. The Republicans prefer to vote on election day.

The goal of the campaign, the favourite in the race, the former Vice President is Joe Biden. In some studies, also kilkunastoprocentową advantage. Seat Trump emphasized that, in all likelihood, the current President, as four years ago, even if was not the favorite in the polls, in the research underestimated.

Trump believes in his victory and re-election. Am sure that another four years of living in the White house.

Today evening local time, the candidates compete in the presidential debate. It is their last direct confrontation. To convince In Nashville, Tennessee Americans try to be. Everything should be in compliance with the rules of safety in connection with the epidemic koronawirusa. The candidates and the members of your staff, you needed to be. There is no explanation of the palm of your hand to your greeting.

The Republicans believe that Donald Trump away today, in the course of this campaign and after the debate, polls favorable to their candidate.

In a special report, “America will elect the President” on RMF24.pl here you will find all the important information for the Finale of the presidential campaign in the United States. We recommend, of course, the relationship of Paul Żuchowskiego, our man Overseas.

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