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Stains of oil and the “throne of Satan”. Destroyed in the Berlin Museum of antiquities

More than 60 works of art and Antiques by unknown were destroyed in the museums in Berlin. Paintings, sculptures, and Egyptian sarcophagi were injected with the oily substance.

An unknown offender caused enormous damage, in three Berlin museums: Museum Pergamońskim, the Old national gallery and the New Museum. It is the art gallery, located on the so-called “Museum island” in the German capital. is complex, It is stored in the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Someone sprayed more than 60 landmarks, stored in the memory, if that. The liquid left visible spots on Egyptian sarcophagi, stone engravings and paintings of the XIX century.

As writes “The Time”, it was one of the greatest attacks on works of art and Antiques in the history of post-war Germany.

The police suspect that the act of vandalism occurred on September 3. October, but so far it’s been kept a secret.

Nothing is known about the motives of the attack. It is not known whether the selection of the date of the attack on 3. October, when the 30 was celebrated. The anniversary of the reunification of Germany, was casual.

The German media inform your is suspected, the activists, the spread in August and September of conspiracy theories on the topic of Museum island.

It is a celebrity in social networks Attila Hildmann, denies the pandemic koronawirusa. He also wrote about the fact that the Pergamon Museum stores the “throne of Satan” and what is this organization, the “stage of the global Satanism was”.