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Sweden: government relieves the restrictions on older, less recommended self-isolation

The Swedish government announced an increase with 1. February limitations the audience at public events, but also reversed the recommendation of the self-insulation for people over 70. Year of life. Restrictions złagodzono despite the growing number of infections koronawirusem.

As the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Loefven, raising the limit for the target group of 50 to 300 will be possible, said that after the implementation of the of the organizers of a series of requirements, including the provision of Seating and Meter intervals. In our opinion, this change is not at the expense of the growth of infections Loefven said, citing experts at the Swedish centre for Public Health.

For public events, for cultural events, sports activities and meetings of religious communities. At the same time the Limit of 50 persons will act in the case of the night clubs. Earlier in mass media it was reported on the masses of the youth, bawiącej to Nightclubs with entertainment in Stockholm Stureplan square.

On Thursday, the government adopted also the decision on the repeal of the directives on the self-isolation or avoidance of social contacts with persons more than 70 years of age or affiliation to other groups of risk. According to the Minister in questions of the social Lena Hallengren “on the abolition of the special recommendations for older people, this means that you need to follow General guidelines”, that is to say, in particular, wash hands for at least 20 seconds, interval to comply with and avoid the crush on public transport.

Senior epidemiologist Sweden: we have No second wave koronawirusa

Senior epidemiologist Sweden: we have No second wave koronawirusa

In Sweden still, however, the wearing of masks is not recommended.

According to the Director of the centre for Public Health, Johan Karlsson, the special recommendations for older people, this group “to stay for the abolition in the houses, contributed to a decrease of pressure in the health sector”. Not reasonable for the risk group that were forced, in the long term, more responsibility for the society would be. Especially when the physical and psychological effects of remaining in the insulation of significance and can deteriorate Carlson said.

According to estimates of the management of health care in Sweden in the time from March to September of this year, 19 1708 people older people avoid social contacts, have died in their homes on Covid-. How different, if these people stopped their previous activity, the number of deaths wzrosłaby on 3020.

On Thursday, the number of confirmed cases in koronawirusa Sweden has increased within the last days with up to 1614 108 969. It is once again the highest daily increase since the end of June. From Wednesday to Covid-19 lost, one more Person. Balance Sheet Total Deaths-5930.

On the ICU, 39 patients (an increase of seven within a week) currently lives. The Situation in the health sector is assessed as stable. In the spring respiratorami up to 450 people were at the same time.

The Danish Ministry of foreign Affairs in connection with the increase in the number of infections in Sweden, announced on Thursday the closure of the border for the inhabitants of the regions, including Skåne.