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The Opposition in Belarus with the PE to them. Sakharov

European Parliament award to you. Sakharov was in this year of the democratic Opposition gave in Belarus, presented to the Council Koordynacyjną, the Initiative of the courageous women and representatives of civil society,” – said on Thursday the head of PE David Sassoli.

I want to congratulate the representatives of the Belarusian Opposition, their courage, their steadfastness, their determination. Every day, they embody the defense of the freedom of thought and speech, so that you will get the award to you. Sakharov. Show how strong you are in the face of a powerful adwersarza – said during the plenary session, the President of the European Parliament.

The decision on the question of the allocation of the conference of the managers of the PE, which consists of the President of the chamber, and leaders of the political groups. The award will be presented during a ceremony in the European Parliament on 16.

Guide PET has decided that the price will fall in the democratic Opposition in Belarusrepresented by the Council Koordynacyjną Initiative: Swiatłany Cichanouskiej, Swiatłany Aleksijewicz, Maria Kalesnikawej, Wołhy Kawalkawej and Weraniki Capkały and characters from the world of politics and civil society representatives: Siarhieja Cichanouskiego, Alexander bialiatski Siarhieja Dyleuskiego, Sciapana Puciłę and Mikołę Статкевича.

Large protests in the squares of the Republic of Belarus, which has shaken the whole world, it will take 11 weeks. Our admiration for the Belarusian people large. At the same time we are outraged over the actions of the regime (Alexander) Lukashenko, the killings for mass, to deny the truth, Sassoli stressed. As he pointed out that the European Parliament and other institutions of the EU declared that Lukashenko lost the elections, and it was high time, he heard the voices of the citizens.

Violence is never the winner. Our message to you, dear prize-winners, are: you are still strong, don’t let your battles. We are at your side, we will contact you. I hope to take you soon in PE – the Italians said.

The Chairman of the European Parliament, also sent a message to the activists of the environmental organization with Guapinolu, not to the final prize for literature. Sakharov. Is a group that protested peacefully against companies in the mining industry. One of the activists suffered death, therefore, we call for the establishment of an independent inquiry – he turned.

Activists from Honduras arrested for participating in a peaceful camp protestacyjnym against mining companies, whose activities led to the pollution of the rivers Guapinol and San Pedro. While the other prisoners were liberated to keep, defender Guapinolu still, and also the public Prosecutor has no solid evidence is extended.

In Belarus, located in Honduras or in Iraq, no one should keep track of to be the expression of your opinions, for your words. This is the message we want to send today from the Parliament Sassoli said.

This year’s prize for literature. Sakharov, the poles were nominated. Jakub Vrana, Pauline spider, Paul Preneta clubs and Camille have “Atlas Of Hatred”that is, the Portal odnotowujący, the local authorities have arrangements made Anti-LGBT.

Award You. Sakharov for freedom of thought ” is awarded annually by the European Parliament. Received in 1988 to honor individuals and organizations for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Was named in honor of the Soviet physicist and political dissident Andrei Sakharov.

In the past year, the award Ilham Tohti, the Uighur Economics was awarded to scientists, the rights of minorities ujgurskiej in China.

Aung San Suu Kyi is excluded from the circle of the laureates of the Sakharov prize nominated