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The white Russians are determined: 84 percent. explained further protests

OK. 84 per cent. Respondents, the promises of the protests in Belarus, which will take part in them, until their demands are met – results of a survey by the London-based think tank Chatham House.

More than 70 percent. the participants in the study said that the presidential elections on 9. August, were put in order. 20.6 percent. reported that Alexander Lukashenko voted, 52.2 per cent. – on Światłanę Cichanouską, almost 13.7 percent. refused to disclose for whom they voted.

The author of the study points out that the society is divided into three groups: the protesters (43 percent), the audience – i.e. the people, the power of the majority more likely to support the protest, as (approximately 34 percent), and opponents of the protests (23%). It is noted that under the third group, the supporters of Lukashenko, 60%. declared that the elections were Fair.

More than 70 percent. Respondents appreciated unfounded and disproportionate actions of OMON have in relation to the participants of the action in the days of 9-11 August.

The opposition coordination Council positively assessed the protesters to protest and the opponent negatively. “Target audience” in the most do not understand is their role and activities, on the Website of Chatham House.

Almost 42 Percent. declares that Belarus is an Alliance with the West and Russia. 23 percent. don’t want no geopolitical Alliance.

The study was conducted with this method Online surveys (CAWI) in the period from 22 to 28 September. In the event 899 respondents participated.

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