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Trampoline garden health under control

A trampoline is not only a toy for children. You can as well as adults, as the equipment for employment by Fitness or Rehabilitation.

Trampolining is not effort to stimulate different areas of the muscles – to work not only the legs but also arms, belly and back. The improvement of condition, coordination, endurance, sense of balance, and corrects the defects in the posture. Enhanced movement promotes the burning of calories and improves blood circulation.

Trampoline garden can be the way of dealing with obesity, children with disabilities, injury or impairment of the coordination of the movement of the elderly, or after a stroke. Of course, under the supervision of a physician or physiotherapist, because there are not contraindications to the exercises on the trampoline should, for example, lead, pregnant women, patients with Asthma, persons with osteoporosis or those found recently of bone fractures or other serious injuries.

Training on the trampoline, but can a good influence on the people, the feelings of the deep Stimulation, or labyrinthitis. Even a simple game on the trampoline in the sea of positive effects: joy and other positive emotions release endorphins that overcome the Stress. The game in the fresh air allows, especially in front of children – stop, a sedentary lifestyle, and thanks to dotlenieniu of the body Zen toxins, deleted, improves the function of the immune system and an increased dose of oxygen to the brain cells promotes the development of the ability of concentration and the productivity of the spirit.

Fun on the trampoline in the further circuit also begin work on the social skills of the children and learn the rules of communication. Even if that trampolining is not to create the impression of a clever, fun, children will increase with your cunning.

Of course, on a trampoline, also injuries happen – we hear joints sometimes about bruises, twists the ankle or hand, naciągnięciach muscles or knock out a tooth. It should be stressed, however, that, in fact, it is not the fault of the Hardware, but its wrong use, and the lack of control over the children. Just like with any other sports equipment, on the trampoline to the rules of safety in mind and are easy to be careful. Trampoline for kids designs and manufactures so as to minimize the risk of accidents.

Violations, if occur, occur, however, in General, not on the trampoline, but as a result of zeskakiwania with her. The vast majority of the injuries that appears on the same trampoline, because more than two people cavorting on him at the same time. More serious accidents happen most of the time the children are jumping on a trampoline together with the Person many of them evil, trampoline sprężynuje then with very great force, so that it’s easier, a user may be too high “katapultowany” and fall with the ceiling. Also, if the landing of the child on the Mat gives the Trampoline in time with their movement upward (due to the jump of another person), the membrane and not be absorbed in resistance, but, on the contrary, strikes with great force, that in the unfortunate System can even cause kompresyjnego bone fractures.

Other injuries, sometimes occur, on the trampoline, such as injuries to the ligaments of the knee joint, sprain of the cervical spine fracture or Ellen. Very rarely, but it happens, injuries to the head. It is significant that accidents on the trampoline, when the child does not jump under the supervision of an adult, it is not even 1/4 of their full number; this, that the children’s protection and care workers of children is the key to the safety of the Playground on the trampoline. These people don’t have to worry at all, because the children anticipated.

Trampolines furniture you can buy, for example; https://janshop.pl/k13,trampoliny-ogrodowe.html

1. You should for a good business, it is best to use the official representatives of well-known manufacturers and companies with a long-term Tradition, which I hope will not soon disappear from the market – it is a question of crucial importance for any complaints, Service-services and the purchase of spare parts or accessories.

2. Consider the size of the Trampoline. It needs to be in the garden (or other location where we want it). In addition, what is a trampoline, the safer – safer batutu jump in the Central part, because of the risk of falling is reduced, thus, on the trampoline frame.

3. To better check in advance the permissible loading on the trampoline. The manufacturer set a limit for your equipment, in order to prevent the deflection of the springs, or tearing of the seams or the material. This is important, especially to serve if the trampoline adult people. The border for the garden Trampoline is usually 120 or 150 kilos. Durable garden trampoline should be based on a stable outer frame and the base, in the soil the largest possible number of points (e.g., double feet in the shape of the letter “U”).

4. The rigid elements of the trampoline frame, hands, mesh, spring – should be. with a soft collar, for example, made of flexible polyurethane, Mat and is surrounded by the outer or of the inner protective grid Trampoline Terrassa with Mesh, which reduces the risk that the foot will jump between the springs. The trampoline with the outer mesh, therefore, it should be in a closed space between the flange springs. The height of the protection network must be coordinated with a diameter of membrane springboard the more, the higher you jump. The network should at the same time a closure, the best in two ways; for example, zip Plus Velcro or Snaps.

5. The springs need to be solid enough, it is advisable, made from steel wire or galvanized iron is of their quality, especially the height of the jump depends on. The more, the better. Significantly, the manner of their attachment to the Mat, so that not wyczepiały during the jump. The edges of the membrane should be carefully окантованы and strengthened, from the middle and not acting sharp parts can. The surface of the mouse pad should be slightly rough to provide better traction, and the Material is resistant to Extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

6. The fasteners should be durable and resistant to corrosion and easily bolted together in the Assembly and disassembly, (testing or connection) to be locked.

7. It is best if the garden trampoline has a ladder for entry and stepping out of it (it can be bought complete or dissecting). Removal of mats, the substrate must be at least 60 cm, and in the large trampolines even on the subway – where, Trampoline for children, and should not be too high, in order not to disturb or descent with them, and do not increase the risk of injury in the event of a fall. One must keep in mind that the higher priority the lower the stability of the whole construction.

– The garden trampoline must be fixed on a flat, flush to the surface and support over the surface. You want to install in an open space, away from the walls, trees, and hard or sharp objects.

– Have the children jump on a trampoline only under the supervision of an adult.

– Bouncing people, you must at least be limited to two children, between whom there is no significant difference in the weight.

– Better the mats, the avoidance of contact with the feathers, the skeleton or the power to jump in the Mitte district.

– Avoid trying to creating stunning developments in the air – it is a pleasure not only for people with appropriate skills. Safer to land on the legs, slightly bent knees.

– The jumps should not jump, but be careful with the descent.

– We don’t eat on the trampoline, especially when you don’t jump, not to suffocate. To avoid before the game better, great meals, not to pull the stomach contents.

– Stands in front of the game to take off, jewelry and watches, not to Hardware, the hurt of them over the net and not other people on a trampoline.

– You may not use objects that could damage the device or hit in the face, jumped.

– On the diving Board, we enter without shoes.

– When jumping, the protection network must be closed.

If we stick to the rules, the trampoline is a device of security. In return, we get a long moments of joy, especially for children, in the fresh air, spent in good health. Garden trampolines furniture serve as playgrounds for the children, but also the local equipment for the Training, as it is for adults. And it’s all at an affordable price.

-Tom Borkowski