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Treatment dissatisfied restaurateur. He published a photo of the Hit on the Internet

Photo of the empty table is a Hit in the social networks happened…. Was sent to the owner of a Spanish restaurant for the customers who have booked at his place for dinner, but didn’t arrive. The owner of an institution has, the more respect for people who work hard in order to survive in the crisis.

In Spain the sector of the Restaurant of the complex is one of the most Pandemic koronawirusa. Thousands of people have lost their jobs, and new restrictive measures, the promises are not on the industry due to the increasing infections well, writes the newspaper “El Confidencial”.

Bars and Restaurants were forced to limit the number of customers up to 50%. Closure of the premises. 23, and at the table sit no more than six people. In such a Situation, if the Restaurants sell a lot less, any reservation for lunch or dinner is considered to be successful.

However, if customers have made a reservation, do not come, even more Drama – the magazine said.

This happened last weekend in a small Restaurant in the area Segoviain the four persons booked a table for dinner, but did not come and did not inform in advance about the change of plans.

“Lost Generation” in Spain. About half of the unemployed are young people

The unfortunate master has WhatsApp the customers the sad news about the Instant-Messaging program. Under the Text photos nakrytego placed, empty table.

This is a coffee table that a reservation with us was for you. Unfortunately, and this has remained the same, and we had to refuse the other customers, as a result of the Covid-19 in the hall of may, people much less now. It is a small Restaurant, so that any unused order means for us the loss – he has written.

I hope that you ate at a different place, but I also expect from such people, as you, more of good upbringing and respect for the people who work hard in order to survive in this crisis
he added.

The message quickly became popular in the social networks, reported on the Spanish press and TV.

Some of the owner of the restaurant pointed to as a solution to the problem of the Download fees per booking.