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Unusual Birth. In the world puppy green

Italian the farmer couldn’t believe his eyes. As his beloved wife Spelacchia young gave birth to, it turned out that one of them has a green fur.

Christian Mallocci the farmer with Sardinia, where he is a farm together with half-brother. Your flock of sheep zaganiane by the white bitch Spelacchię.

Favorite dog recently gave birth to eight puppies. It turned out that one of them has the green wool.

As explained Agency Reuters, green wool rare in dogs, but it happens in boys. This is the result of contact in the mother’s womb with a green Pigment called biliwerdyną. Herbal, but not always – from day to day, will make the color fade.

Unique puppy received the name of Pistachio (pistachio). Mallocchi recognizes, however, that this birth of good Omen. Green is the color of hope and happiness, and for that we need people in the age of pandemic koronawirusa.

This disease threatens to Allergy sufferers