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Koronawirus: New restrictive measures in Poland. A curfew in Lombardy [RAPORT DNIA]

To announce to the lunch the government was expected, new list of restrictions. This is due to a sharp increase in infections koronawirusem – the Ministry of health on Monday reported more than 12 thousand new zarażeniach. Limitations relate to the training in the elementary schools, are the people over 70. Year of life, but also the activities of the Restaurants and the service sector. The infection koronawirusem was found, so far, more than 41,37 million people in the world, and more than 1.13 million people died. Many of the countries constraints to the spread koronawirusa. The most important information about the epidemic koronarusa in Poland and in the world, in our report, the days. This article is constantly updated.

Hour of 11:00 a press conference is planned, the Prime Minister-the Minister Matteo Morawiecki announces new limits. Poprzednej day in Poland, there were more than 12 thousand. new cases koronawirusa

– In the United States Zjednoczonch only the last day of 1124 dead koronawirusa registered. Confirmed 62 735 Infections.

– The Italian Lombardy and imposed a curfew.

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore reported that within the last days in the USA 1124 dead koronawirusa was registered. Confirmed 62 735 infections koronawirusem.

According to the American College to the epidemic in the USA, 8 million 386 634 cases of infection koronawirusem was diagnosed, including. The death toll is currently 222 766.

Around the world Covid-19 41 million to 524 733 people were infected already. Due to complications, 1 Million died 134 716.

The Ministry of health of Brazil, has over 33 862 confirmed also in the last few days, infections koronawirusem and 497 zgonach cases, because of Covid-19.

The government plans to buy the vaccine Covid-19 from pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, and production in the centre of the biomedical research in Rio de Janeiro.

In Lombardy is the first Region in Italy, the evening began to work bell. From 23 h to 5 can only move with reasons, in-depth work, health and other urgent needs.

Monday high schools, the transition to the Remote mode.

Bars, Restaurants, ice cream parlors, pastry shops , pizzerias, and other points of public catering can be opened with 5.00 to 23.00. There, where there are no tables in accordance with the national regulation of the government – food sold until 18: 00 can be. Since this time, each of the consumption in an open public space says.

To announce to the lunch the government was expected, new list of restrictions. Teaching in the primary school for classes IV-VII will be from the distance. The students of classes I-III are still learning on the Campus.

The government intends that the restrictions on the free movement of persons older than 70. Year of life.

Closed one of the Restaurants, cafes and pubs should be. You order only the meals and drinks to take away.

In the active areas of the maintenance of the strict adherence to the rules of the epidemic must.

Parks and forests remain open. No decision on the closure of the cemeteries.

Limitations for the elderly, large schools of sometimes from a distance. We know a new list of restrictions