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Mail upamiętniła pandemic. Published on the brand of toilet paper.

Austrian post, the two parts of relation to her: he was in wyemitowanym exactly the brands to honor pandemic koronawirusa, bandage from toilet paper and manifestations, it may report for the preservation of social distance, on Friday the Agency Reuters.

Koronawirusowy stamp in the nominal value of 2.75 euros available in sheets in width of 10 cm, i.e., one-tenth of a meter, and the distance to other advises the Austrian government. In the official campaigns, which appears to maintain the social distance as a Symbol of the baby elephant.

If you put 10 sheet brands side by side, you will receive a total of a length of one Meter or a small elephant. The famous little creature is also printed on the brand – the post office announced in a statement.

Stamp printed on tri-ply toilet paperwhat refers to the accumulation of shares in this article at the beginning of the pandemic.

Austrian post has already joked with current events. In January, released a stamp in honor of the brexit. Appeared on by swiping date 29. March 2019, that is to say, even then, the likely exit of Britain from the European Union obsolete, and the new – the 31. January, 2020.

Stamp to honor koronawirusa sells for 5.50 euros. The half of the sum will be donated to charity.