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Remdesivir officially approved in the USA as a drug to koronawirusa

The U.S. Agency for the control of foodstuffs and medicines (FDA) approved remdesivir company Gilead Sciences as a drug to koronawirusa.

In may, the FDA permission for the use of the drug in emergency situations, so that hospitals and doctors hospitalized the application of the drug in patients, due to illness. He was one of the used in the treatment of the President, Donald Trump.

The company, Gilead explained, is that the preparation is used in patients with Covid-19, the a hospital stay. Remdesivir currently is the first and only officially approved drug in America to koronawirusa.

Since the beginning of the pandemic Covid-19 the land of Gilead are constantly working on finding solutions to this global crisis, the insurance. (…) It is amazing in a Situation, when in less than a year of the first reported cases, currently known as the Covid-19, we have in the United States by the FDA for the treatment for all the needy patients – said CEO Daniel O’day.

Earlier this month, told CNN, the research is coordinated as shown by the world health organization, that the drug was not “low impact” on the conservation on the lives of hospital patients and others have it. In some a limited extent to the time of recovery is reduced.

The majority of patients receiving remdesivir goes through the five-day treatment cycle with six bottles of intravenous drug use. The company claims that you prescribe in the Form of tablets, since the chemical composition can impact on the liver. The development of a Version for Inhalation with a nebulizer.