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“Superpogromczyni koronawirusa”. 99-year-old woman won Covid-19

“Super-Granny”, “superbabcia Nina”, “the spell of the demons koronawirusa” – so the media as a 99-year-old from the Spanish flu. Not enough, that at the venerable age Covid not won-19, is far from over this disease in just seven days.

As reported by the radio station Cope, the 99-year-old graduate Florentina Martin is not only one of the oldest people in Spain, won the infection koronawirusa, but also one of the few, the SARS-CoV-2 poradziły per week

The newspaper “El Pais” marvel’s the grandma Nina from the surroundings of Madrid. The woman, as the newspaper learned, You were during one of the walks. At the beginning of Covid-19 graduate found in significant symptoms of the disease.

“Shortly after the contagion grandma Nina felt very weak and had a fever,” says the Spanish newspaper. Due to the onset of symptoms Covid-19 old lady was taken to hospital where the Test was for the presence koronawirusa a positive result.

The old woman, however, not only quickly, was discharged from the hospital, but after seven days, had not been discovered in your body koronawirusa. A woman claims that the only way for you to have while weeks was a course of treatment, paracetamol.

April in Spain was confirmed, several cases of women who are older than 100 years have passed Covid-19. The oldest of them in this country, but also the oldest Person in solitary, the of this disease in the world, the 113-year-old Maria Branyas Morera with the Catalan city of Olot, in the province of Girona in the North-East of Spain.

True, Brandyas Morera Covid gone-19 without strong symptoms of this disease, but after recovery is rarely out of his room.