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The European Parliament is preparing a “strong resolution” against the decision of the TK ws. the prohibition of abortions

The resolution of the European Parliament against the decision of the Polish constitutional court ws is. the prohibition of abortions because of defects in the fetus. “We have decided, on the preparations as fast as I can, a strong resolution against the ban on abortion, which is against the fundamental rights of women”, – the journalist of RMF FM in Brussels, Catherine Szymańskiej-Borginon Evelyn Regner, eurodeputowana from the group of socialists and Democrats, the head of the Commission for the rights of women and the equality of the PE.

How did our korespondentka, the resolution can be głosowana already in the middle of the next month, at the next plenary session of the European Parliament.

“I’m working to, so that we had the resolution only PE at the next plenary meeting in November. I would like the resolution was as fast as I can, but just yesterday conviction to endure,” she said RMF FM Evelyn Regner.

In November, two plenary sessions of PE are planned: one in the middle of the month, the second at the end.

Conversation partner Katharina Szymańskiej-Borginon ensure that already now – after the anger and shock, with which the judgment met TK – shows, to support the resolution, the vast majority of Euro-deputies: even from the faction of the Christian Democrats, the European people’s party.

The indignation of the EU members, this was also associated with the fact that Business connected with the violation of the principles of the rule of law, accused by the Polish authorities.

“The judgment of the constitutional court, which, as noted, the European Commission explains no legitimacy, because he is not independent” korespondentce RMF FM European Diplomat said.

“In The Course. In today’s Poland as a member state of the EU in the XXI century, the life and health of the shelves, the calculation of the purely political and ideological Motivation, is subject to. I am at the time as barbaric character of the new restrictions, and the manner of its introduction by the court that does not live up to his name, he is completely controlled by the Regime, “Manneken Pis”, the party “law and justice “Jaroslaw Kaczynski” – said in a written statement, the head of the faction of the social Democrats, Iratxe Garcia Perez.

Eurodeputowana Evelyn Regner promised, and also actions for the protection of the Polish women next week during organised PE weeks, the equality of the sexes.

We will remind, the constitutional court, under the leadership of the Chairman, Julia Przyłębskiej decided yesterday that Laws, the abortion in the event of finding a serious injury or an incurable disease of the fetus are not compatible with the Constitution.

An appeal against these rules in the year 2019 Tape 119 of the deputies, in the majority of law and justice.

Solution TC storm founded in 1993 compromise and aborcyjny this means, de facto, delegalizację abortion in Poland: in the past year, almost 97 percent of all legal concerns deletion of the pregnancy was performed, namely, on the Basis of assumptions, speaks about the severity of damage or incurable disease of the fetus.